Spay/Neuter Estimate:*

Dental Estimate:*

Canine Spay:

1-25 Lbs: ~$550.00*

26-50 Lbs: ~$610.00*

50 Lbs and up: ~$650.00*

Feline Spay: ~$410.00*

Rabbit Spay: ~$802.00*

In heat and pregnant spays at additional cost

Canine Neuter:

1-25 Lbs: ~$520.00*

26-50 Lbs: ~$580.00*

50 Lbs and up: ~$625.00*

Feline Neuter: ~$380.00*

Rabbit Neuter: ~$620.00*


Cryptorchid neuters at additional cost

Dental Scaling, Radiographs and Polishing:

Cats: ~$450.00*

Small Dogs: ~$500.00*

Large Dogs: ~$550.00*

Dental Extractions: additional cost**

Pain Management: additional cost if extractions occur


**Dental procedures at our facility are performed under general anesthesia. General anesthesia allows or veterinarians and support staff to thoroughly clean, examine and take radiographs of each tooth. Because most dental disease occurs below the gum line dental radiology and general anesthesia are required.  After taking radiographs and performing an oral exam, our veterinarians will have a better understanding of what teeth will need to be extracted. 

Extraction pricing varies by tooth. 

* ~ = approximately; pricing varies case by case