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We are a well equipped wellness facility offering surgery, laboratory, pharmacy, radiology, and ultrasonography services right in the heart of Bergen County, NJ. We encourage our local friends to trust our hospital when caring for your companion(s). Feel free to contact us for more information about our services.

  • Preventative Care Examinations

  • Annual Vaccinations and Parasite Prevention

  • Diagnostic Laboratory Testing  

  • Spay / Neuter Procedures

  • NJ DOH Spay / Neuter Program

  • Orthopedic and Soft Tissue Surgery

  • Dentistry 

  • Ultrasonography

  • Radiology

  • Hospitalization

  • AVID Microchip Administration and Registration

  • Domestic Travel Certificates

Dogs and humans have the same type of slow wave sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement (REM) and during this REM stage dogs can dream.

Cats are the second most popular pet in the U.S., second to only freshwater fish.
….don’t let it get to their heads though!

With extra thick enamel, less damaging saliva, less food retention between teeth, and a mostly sugar-free diet, cats have better chompers than humans (this doesn’t mean they can’t have dental problems. So be sure to pay attention to your furry friend’s teeth!)

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